"Washing Sins" Portraits of Tobi Ogude Pt. 1

Thank God I finally got to shoot with this guy. I've been reluctant to shoot male models in the past because I've always had a hard time trying to depict them in an interesting way. It wasn't until I saw the recent GQ spread featuring Brad Pitt that a lightbulb went off. It was really refreshing to see a male figure shot in a way that was free and vulnerable. 

That's where Tobi comes in. I can't say enough about how talented and passionate this guy is about his craft — simply infectious. I love shooting with people that throw me out of my comfort zone. For this look, we went down to the Credit River in Mississauga, played some tunes through shitty Iphone speakers, and I let Tobi do his thing. 

Here's what we came up with. Check back in for pt. 2 of our shoot. 

Model: Tobi Ogude