New York City 2017

I didn't always have warm and fuzzy feelings for NYC. The first few trips to the Big Apple left me overwhelmed from the hustle and bustle, the foreign smells and getting lost more than ending up where I wanted to be.

But over the years it has become one of my favourite cities to visit — a short plane ride from Toronto to an even bigger melting pot of delicious food, drinks and diverse culture. Although you'll find all kinds of people from different ethnicities, New York and being a New Yorker, is a culture in itself. 

I went with my lovely lady this time around and we were greeted by some beautiful un-February-like weather which made walking our main mode of transportation. Check out the photos below.

Looking for some delicious eats? Check out: St. Anselm (Williamsburg), Juliana's Pizza (Brooklyn), Joe's Shanghai (Manhattan Chinatown)