Adventures in Iceland Pt. 2: Hitting the Ring Road

We left Reykjavik yesterday morning and embarked on a six-day drive along the Ring Road which circles around Iceland. 

When you think your socks have been knocked off from the previous day's adventures, this place has a tendency to amaze you even more. 

The 1,332 kilometre-stretch is packed with must-sees and we're only less than a quarter of the way. We checked out Barnafoss, a majestic little waterfall, but it's the raging stream from the top that steals the show. We also stopped by Grabrok, one of Iceland's three largest craters. It's an easy hike up man-made steps but once you're at the top, you'll feel like you're in the Justin Bieber video

We ended the day by decompressing with a few brews in our geothermal pool at our quaint little hostel in Saeberg.