Anthony and Nhu Proposal

A few weeks ago I shot my first proposal. There was a huge amount of pressure to keep the element of surprise and it all nearly fell apart in the end. 

We planned this out meticulously weeks in advance and it really tested my ability to adapt. We plotted out exactly where they'd be standing, where I'd be standing, what time it would happen (down to the exact minute). 

And even though I had to scramble and hide behind a tree (and pray I didn't get spotted), it all fell into place quite nicely in the end. 

Unlike shooting portraits, I wasn't able to tell the model to pose a certain way or re-take a bunch of shots until I got one I wanted. All you have is an amazing moment happening in front of you and you try your best to capture and interpret it in your way. TIP: Take ALOT of pictures. Switch to burst mode if you need to.  

Congrats, Anthony and Nhu and thank you for sharing that moment with me.