Photowalk Through the Six With My Woes

I love going for photowalks. Besides doing the obvious — snapping some photos and getting in your cardio — it's a great opportunity to pick the minds of other photographers and offer your own nuggets of knowledge as well. 

Since recently shifting my focus towards portraits, I haven't had the chance to mindlessly roam around the city and capture some of its more candid moments. And the cold just makes me feel some type of way. 

Luckily, I have super dope friends who dragged me out this past weekend and we spent the afternoon walking around, camera in one hand, hot cup of coffee in the other. It's great seeing some of them show an interest toward photography cause it gives me a platform to blabber on and on about it.  

We hit up the usual hot spots (Financial District, Brookfield Place, Esplanade) and ended it off with a portrait shoot.

Special thanks to Henderson for being my cameraman for the day, Thanh for listening to me incoherently ramble and Tea for looking fly in the cold. 

Here's my first attempt at documenting these events (via GoPro) in my photography journey:

Gear used:
Canon 6D DSLR
Sigma 50mm 1.4
Canon 28mm 1.8
GoPro Hero3 Black Edition

Check out photos from the day: