"Washing Sins" Portraits of Tobi Ogude Pt. 1

Thank God I finally got to shoot with this guy. I've been reluctant to shoot male models in the past because I've always had a hard time trying to depict them in an interesting way. It wasn't until I saw the recent GQ spread featuring Brad Pitt that a lightbulb went off. It was really refreshing to see a male figure shot in a way that was free and vulnerable. 

That's where Tobi comes in. I can't say enough about how talented and passionate this guy is about his craft — simply infectious. I love shooting with people that throw me out of my comfort zone. For this look, we went down to the Credit River in Mississauga, played some tunes through shitty Iphone speakers, and I let Tobi do his thing. 

Here's what we came up with. Check back in for pt. 2 of our shoot. 

Model: Tobi Ogude

The Mariner Workshop Round 2

It's always a good time and humbling experience to put one of these workshops together with the crazy talented Derek Hui. A huge thank you to everyone that came out!

Although it was a smaller crowd this time around, it made for a more intimate learning experience and I'm glad I had the chance to chop it up with everybody one-on-one. A big thank you to our amazing model Ashley who was a great sport and slayed 

Check out some snapshots from the day below:

New York City 2017

I didn't always have warm and fuzzy feelings for NYC. The first few trips to the Big Apple left me overwhelmed from the hustle and bustle, the foreign smells and getting lost more than ending up where I wanted to be.

But over the years it has become one of my favourite cities to visit — a short plane ride from Toronto to an even bigger melting pot of delicious food, drinks and diverse culture. Although you'll find all kinds of people from different ethnicities, New York and being a New Yorker, is a culture in itself. 

I went with my lovely lady this time around and we were greeted by some beautiful un-February-like weather which made walking our main mode of transportation. Check out the photos below.

Looking for some delicious eats? Check out: St. Anselm (Williamsburg), Juliana's Pizza (Brooklyn), Joe's Shanghai (Manhattan Chinatown)

The First Mariner Photography Workshop

If you told me last year, that in 12 months, I'd be co-hosting a photography workshop with one of the best in the game, I would've given you the camera right back — cause you're delusional. 

Moving to downtown last spring has been one of the best decisions I've ever made for my young photography career. The relationships I've struck up and opportunities its afforded me have been unbelievable. 

So when super talented photographer/homie/roommate (pretty decent cook), Derek Hui, approached me about putting together a photography workshop, the answer was an emphatic YES. For those that don't know, I attended one of Derek's workshops over a year ago which pretty much set me on this path, trying to capture beautiful images of some pretty cool people. For me, this was an opportunity to hopefully help spark that sense of creative purpose for others.  

A HUGE thank you to everyone that came out and to these wonderful folks who made this day possible:

Model: Danielle Mackenzie
Videographer: Eric Nguyen
Studio: That Toronto Studio

New Year, Same Ol' G

I really struggled this year trying to coherently summarize how good 2016 has been to me — both personally and in photography. I'll chalk this up to a good problem.

Looking back on the past year, I'm overwhelmed with so much gratitude.

I'm so thankful for all the amazing people I've been able to work with. For trusting me and allowing me to be a fly on the wall (with a camera) to capture you when you're most vulnerable. It's something I don't take lightly. 

I'm indebted to a group of people who've unwaveringly supported this journey since the first day I picked up a camera. Whether it was a pat on the back or some much needed candor to tell me something was shit. 

I've also learned how fortunate I am to find something I love doing, something that gets me up in the morning and rarely feels like work. I know a lot of people go through their entire lives searching and never finding that feeling. I'm constantly reminding myself to never take that for granted. 

As good as it's been, the year provided me with some humbling moments. Hard experiences to fuel my need to learn and grow while avoiding the traps of complacency. 

Thank you 2016. I know you've caught a bad rap but you have a fan in me.

Cheers to more creating. 







Fall Fashion Shoot with Yuliya

The autumn weather seems to be hanging in there, so last week, I took the day off work to do a few shoots in the city. 

One of those sessions was with Yuliya, a complete natural in front of the camera who came with her own ideas which kept me on my toes and engaged throughout the whole shoot. We took a stroll through the Esplanade and made Toronto's rich architecture mesh with her awesome outfit (jacket from Free People).

Check out what we came up with below. Now that the mercury is dropping and I'll be cooped inside more, I'll try to be more consistent with the blog posts. 

Thanks for reading.

Photographer: Andre Widjaja
Model: Yuliya-Lana Chepiga

Back to Basics with Kristina

Back again with another test shoot with B&M model Kristina. This one was a lot of fun thanks to her infectious energy and killer humour. We shot this one on the waterfront and managed to sneak onto a random boat because pictures on a boat are the best. 

I'm really happy with the soft look of this set, which I'm convinced is influenced by the weddings I've shot this summer. Time to bump that histogram to the right a bit more :) 

Check out the full set below:

Photographer: Andre Widjaja
Model: Kristina Anderson (B&M Models)